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V-Flex Ankle XT


Sizing Chart

Sizing Chart

Knee Size (in.)
S 12.25–13.25
M 13–14
L 13.75–14.75
XL 14.5–15.5
XXL 15.25–16.25
S/M* 12.25–14
L/XL* 14–16

Measure knee circumference 2” below center of knee cap (patella)

Ankle Size (in.)
S 8–8.5
M 8.5–9
L 9–9.5
XL 9.5–10

Measure ankle circumference 1” above center of ankle bone tip

Thigh Size (in.)
S 17.75–19 M 18.75–20.25
L 20–21.25
XL 21–22.5
XXL 22.25–23.5

Measure thigh circumference 9” above center of knee cap (patella)

Wrist Size (in.)
S 5.25–6
M 6–6.75
L 6.5–7.25
XL 7.25–8

Measure wrist circumference

Elbow Size (in.)
S 8.75–9.75
M 9.5–10.5
L 10.25–11.25
XL 11–12
XXL 11.75–12.75

Measure forearm circumference 2” from elbow tip

Chest Size (in.)
XS 26–34
S/M 32–40
L/XL 38–46
XXL 44–52

Meaure chest circumference just below armpit & across center of breast

Waist Size (in.)
XS 26–30
S/M 30–34
L/XL 34–38
XXL 38–42

Measure waist circumference

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shock doctor V-Flex Ankle XT

  • shock doctor V-Flex Ankle XT
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V-Flex Ankle XT Brace - Best Hinged Brace for Sprained Ankle Recovery

The most Advanced
active comfort and support

The Shock Doctor 855 V-Flex Ankle XT Brace is the most advanced hinged ankle brace on the market today. More supportive, better fitting and with extra ankle stability, the V-Flex Ankle XT Brace will keep you performing at the highest level with the peace of mind of knowing you’re protected.

Unlike other hinged ankle braces, the V-Flex Ankle XT solves a common problem of heel movement by incorporating our advanced X-Fit Wrap heel-lock strap. This strap locks your heel and foot in position similar to taping for the ultimate stabilized support.

  • Advanced X-Fit Wrap heel-lock strap
  • Ultimate support for the ankle
  • Comfortably aligns with the foot and ankle
  • Ergonomically contoured to fit the leg naturally
  • Integrated Antimicrobial Technology to reduce odor causing bacteria
  • Brace Performance Level: offer superior stability and support, targeted for major ligament sprains, muscle strains and unstable joints allowing for use as necessary for both prevention and recovery.

    Latex Free

    This product is not a substitute for medical care. Always see professional medical advice for the diagnosis and treatment of pain, injury or irritation.

Technology & features

Advanced X-Fit Wrap heel-lock strap

replicates taping by locking heel and ankle in place for unparalleled support

V-Flex Low Friction Hinge & Stirrup

provides ultimate support for the ankle, while allowing you to move

Anatomical medial/lateral base

comfortably wraps the foot

Bio-mechanical inner/outer hinge position

properly aligns with the ankle for a more comfortable fit

Independent adjustable upper and lower straps

for ideal fit and compression preference

Lightweight fiber reinforced molded plastic

provides better medial and lateral support to help reduce movement that can contribute to ankle injuries