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Returns & Exchanges

At Shock Doctor, our return policy is liberal, generous and tolerant, but it does have its limits! We understand that putting a specific time limit on all returns is not reasonable, as usage and seasons vary greatly. Plus, we realize that everyone's idea of "reasonable wear and tear" also varies.

If our gear fails to deliver, we will fully stand behind that product. If it fails to deliver on its one thousand and first wearing, we would consider that "reasonable wear and tear." Rather than shutting the door on returns after 30 days, we prefer to be flexible and judge each situation individually.

If you wish to return or exchange your order for a different size, color or style, please reference the following processes and steps:


  1. Every order shipped from our warehouse should come with a prepaid shipping label included on the inside of the box, mailer or envelope.
  2. Please place your item either in the original packaging or in a similar dimension container and apply the shipping label to the outside of the box, mailer or envelope.
  3. The box may be taken to anywhere they will perform a UPS pickup or any UPS location.
  4. All shipments being returned will come back to us via standard ground shipping (1-5 business days dependent on location according to the UPS website)
  5. Once received your order is guaranteed to be processed/refunded on our end within 7-10 business days (your financial institution may have their own processing time as well). If you are curious to know the status of your return please contact our customer service department via email - or call 800-233-6956 and we'll gladly assist you!

*Please Note That the Initial Shipping Cost Will NOT be Refunded*


NOTE RELATED TO COVID: Unfortunately our Exchange Program has been paused temporarily. We are looking forward to having it come back soon once some process updates, safety concerns, and efficiencies have been implemented. We apologize for the inconvenience