MMA, Boxing, Fight Apparel & Gear

MMA is not a team sport. You are the only one who decides whether you will show up or get shut down. Months of training lead up to a single bout, of which the outcome can be decided within minutes or even seconds. Be prepared for the battle. Your opponent isn’t taking days off, so why should you? Get the gear that helps you recover more quickly. There’s a lot of sweat, blood, and pain involved in MMA training; with Shock Doctor in your corner, we can help to make it more bearable. Whether your goal is to get a great cardio workout and learn some self-defense or you’re looking to become the next heavyweight champ, the right gear will help make your goals more attainable. From mouthguards to athletic cups, compression gear to knee braces, it’s all here for you. Be brave, be protected, and most of all, never quit fighting!

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