Hockey Mouthguards

Our hockey mouthguards provide superior fit and performance to keep your teeth right where they belong. Choose from one of our classic fit models like our Gel Max Power or custom fit mouthguards to protect the more vulnerable upper teeth, or opt for a double mouthguard for both the upper and lower teeth. We even have hockey mouthguards for players with braces, which feature additional space for the braces to help keep those valuable dental appliances safe.

Each of these hockey mouthguards was designed specifically for high impact sports, with features like monocoque shock frames or 3D Anti-Shock Impact Shields to help add additional protection. All are backed by our $10,000 dental warranty.

In addition, our hockey mouthguards help protect your performance as well as your teeth, because they feature designs that allow you to breathe and speak easily. Never find yourself winded while chasing the puck across the ice. Leave it all on the ice, but just not your teeth, with hockey mouthguards from Shock Doctor.

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