Sport Fit Mouthguards

Designed with sports enthusiasts in mind, our sport fit models of mouthguards offer plenty of style, protection, and comfort. The sport fit mouthguards range from our Max AirFlow models to our Super Fit models, as well as our Low-Profile Lip Guards.

Communication is key in team sports, so take advantage of our highly breathable and speak-able InVent tech that comes built into our Super Fit models. The Max AirFlow models offer unmatched breathability, leveraging intelligent design that relaxes the jaw and prevents teeth from blocking the breathing channel. Many of our Sport Fit models come ready to use instantly, so there’s no need to worry about fitting a mouthguard. Looking for a slightly different style? Shock Doctor can provide you with a custom mouthguard

Like the classic fit models, our sport fit models are backed by a $10,000 dental warranty. Many of our users report that the sport fit models offer a great fit and maximum breathability. You need a mouthguard that protects you and helps your breathing, not one that hinders it. Shock Doctor produces durable, reliable mouthguards with a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee, so you can’t go wrong. Try them out and you will never look back.

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