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Core Compression Hockey Long Sleeve Shirt



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The Shock Doctor Men's/Boy’s Core Compression Hockey Long Sleeve Shirt helps you stay protected so you can play your best on the ice. Four-way stretch compression provides a supportive fit, and ventilated mesh in the back improves breathability. Patented Sleeve Lock helps prevent elbow pad movement, and silicone grip on the forearm helps hold elbow pads in place.

  • COMPRESSION SHIRT: Shirt pattern matches the curve and shape of an athlete’s natural stance, providing superior comfort and performance
  • AIRFLOW: Four-way stretch mesh in back provides maximum heat release, comfort and unrestricted movement
  • SLEEVE LOCK: Patented design integrates elbow pad retention wrap within sleeve eliminating pad movement
  • SILICONE GRIP PATTERN: Enhanced elbow grip prevents elbow pad slippage
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