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Core Compression Sleeve


Sizing Chart

Sizing Chart

Arm Size (in.)
XS 7-8.5
S 8-9.5
M 9-11
L 10-12.5
XL 12-14

Measure forearm circumference 2” from elbow tip

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  • Black Core Arm Compression Sleeve
  • White Core Arm Compression Sleeve
  • Navy Blue Core Arm Compression Sleeve
  • Royal / Purple Core Arm Compression Sleeve
  • Red Core Arm Compression Sleeve
  • Core Arm Compression Sleeve
  • Athlete wearing the Core Arm Compression Sleeve

Core Arm Compression Sleeve

Performance fit arm compression
through your full range of motion

The Shock Doctor 772 Core Compression Sleeve, provides compression support for athletes in a variety of sports including baseball, softball, basketball and football. Our Core Compression Sleeve can be a game changer; through arm Compression Support it keeps muscles supported, helping to enhance your performance and endurance throughout the game. What good is a compression sleeve if it doesn’t fit right? We designed the Core Compression Sleeve with Performance Fit, which means the sleeve pattern contours with your arm for ultimate comfort through your full range of motion; to further enhance the fit we added a comfortable No-Slip Silicon grip on the bicep hem to make sure the sleeve stays in place on your upper arm. .

  • Form fitting compression for muscle support
  • Wicks away moisture to keep you cool and comfortable
  • Integrated antimicrobial technology


Technology & features


sleeve pattern contours with the arm for ultimate comfort through full range of motion .


provides comfortable, form fitting compression, enhancing muscle performance and endurance.


grip bicep and comfortably maintains sleeve position on upper arm.


Wicks moisture away from the skin to keep you dry and cool.