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Shock Doctor Turf Tape (24 Strips)



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Stay tough and stay protected on the field with Shock Doctor Turf Tape. Guard against abrasions, scrapes and turf burns with an easy to use mesh adhesive tape that can be trimmed to fit where you need it most.

  • STAY TOUGH – Added protection against abrasions, scrapes and turf burns
  • LOCKED IN-  Mesh adhesive ventilates while comfortably keeping tape in place
  • MAKE YOUR MARK- Customize and trim to desired size for various uses
  • 24 Pre-Cut 4" x 8" strips
  • Ideal for Football Athletes and Athletes in other Turf Sports such as Soccer, Baseball, Lacrosse and Field Hockey

HOW TO APPLY: Clean and dry skin area where applying tape; bend paper backing and lift off tape; apply to skin where protection is desired; apply gentle pressure for best skin adhesion

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