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Volleyball players are always on the attack. Looking for holes in the defense, setting up plays and wearing down the defense is all part of a good offensive strategy. What about defense though? You play defense, sure, but what will defend your body from the beating it takes while playing and competing in volleyball games? Make no mistake about it: Volleyball players are some of the fittest athletes in sports today, and they need equipment that can keep up with them. Don’t settle for less. Shock Doctor has the highest-quality gear to defend you from all the demands volleyball athletes contend with. For the knees and ankles, we have the most supportive braces you will find on the market. Check out our compression gear to help you recover after intense bouts. And of course, don’t hit the court without protecting your teeth. Shock Doctor makes the No. 1 mouthguard in the world. We’ve got plenty of options for you, but most of all, Shock Doctor is in your corner. Let’s do this!

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