Sports Insoles

For maximum running speed, cutting ability and performance, you need solid traction. You’re not going to get that with a lot of store-brand insoles. Shock Doctor has engineered several different insoles optimized for the demands of certain sports. We’ve taken every variable into account for the perfect amalgamation of comfort, traction, support, and safety. Whether you perform on hard, stable surfaces or soft, uneven surfaces, rest assured that you will never lose a step wearing Shock Doctor insoles.

Endurance athletes will love our design, which prioritizes shock absorption to minimize foot pain during long runs or training sessions. Most manufacturers build either soft, unsupportive insoles or hard, uncomfortable insoles. With Shock Doctor’s intelligent design, you don’t have to make any compromises! Our insoles offer the perfect mix of shock absorption, stability, and support. Try our insoles and start seeing the Shock Doctor difference today!

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