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360° Ice Coverage

Reduces Pain • Extracts Heat • Fully Surrounds The Inflamed Area

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360 degrees of cold therapy
where you need it.


Shock Doctor's Ice Recovery Compression Wraps provide superior icing therapy for any body part. These wraps are designed with an anotomical fit, 360° ice coverage and gentle compression to help speed the body’s natural ability to heal.

Knee, Ankle, and Shoulder Wraps: each anatomically designed to best fit the shape of your body, multiple gel ice packs fully surround the joints.

Utility Wraps: universally designed in three sizes with multiple gel ice packs for wrist, arm, elbow, thigh, shin, calf, back, rib, and neck injuries and soreness.

  • A. Anatomical Design & Fit
    Designed to securely fit knees, ankles and other body parts. Constructed of premium materials for greater comfort and repeated use.
  • B. 360° injury coverage
    Wrap design and the use of multiple ice packs surround the injury to significantly increase cooling and aid recovery.
  • C. Compression
    Adjustable wrap design provides gentle compression to help cold penetrate the injury and reduce swelling.

The Importance of Ice And Compression

R.I.C.E. Therapy is one of the most recommended first aid and therapeutic treatments for most musculoskelatal injuries.

Shock Doctor ICE Recovery Compression Wraps are the perfect solution for R.I.C.E. Therapy by providing two of the critical components of successful injury and soreness treatment: Ice and Compression

The first 24-48 hours after the imjury is considered a critical treatment period and activities need to be

Shock Doctor’s Ice Wraps provide full ice coverage
The first 48 hours after the injury, ice pack and elevate the injured area, 15 minutes at a time every 3-4 hours in order to reduce swelling and pain.

Shock Doctor’s Ice Wraps provide necessary compression
Use compression to help reduce swelling when elevating the injured joint or muscle. The compression wrap should be snug but so tight that it cuts off circulation.

Make sure to keep the injured joint or muscle higher than your heart as often as possible.

Recovery That Compliments

For Use Immediately & After Activity

Shock Doctor’s SVR Compression helps to reduce post activity muscle soreness by increasing blood flow which allows muscles to expel lactic acid and recover faster. Wear SVR Compression after icing and even as you sleep to feel less sore in the morning.

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