Shock Doctor Compression Knit Wrist Sleeve with Strap - On Model

Compression Knit Wrist Sleeve with Strap


The Compression Knit Wrist Sleeve with Strap is ideal for athletes seeking breathable compression that contours to the wrist and is soft to the touch. The moisture-wicking weave pattern is breathable and light so it keeps you cool while fitting perfectly to the shape of your wrist for maximum therapeutic relief..

BEST FOR: Helps prevent and heal Arthritis, Bursitis and Tendonitis

LEVEL 2 - MODERATE - Ideal for swelling, recovering sprains and pain relief from chronic conditions.

  • CONTOURED COMPRESSION - Contoured compression fit around wrist
  • WRIST-SHAPE - Elastic knit forms to shape of wrist
  • ADJUSTABLE FIT - Detachable strap for optional adjustable compression and support
  • BREATHABLE & MOISTURE-WICKING - Weave pattern breathable and moisture-wicking
  • MATERIALS - 50% nylon, 35% spandex (elastane), 15% polyester