Insole Technology™

Next Generation

Shock Doctor Performance Sports Insoles offer a fresh approach and a new level of detail in design and function specifically developed for all athletes.

We’ve reinvented insoles to give athletes and everyday users a pro-active solution to protecting their feet and joints from injury while maximizing their performance.

With our adaptive arch and control bar technologies, full-foot foam and integrated shock pads, Performance Sport Insoles enhance athletic performance, protection and recovery by providing athletes with the most adaptable Insole choice that allows them to compete at the highest level without compromise.

Our line of insoles are like no other

Our vision is to be the #1 choice for athletes around the world who demand performance and protection.

Shock Doctor insoles meet this vision by taking a fresh approach to how insoles are presented to Athletes. We strive to become the preferred insole choice among Athletes by repositioning Insoles as preventative equipment needed to increase performance and protection.

In addition to industry leading technology for all athletes, Shock Doctor introduces the only line of insoles designed specifically to meet the needs of, football, soccer, baseball, basketball and tennis players.

Sport Line

Design for the specific needs of cleat, court and skate sport athletes.

Active Line

Design for all athletes with a focus on running, walking, hiking and training.

Active Ultra Insole / Watch The Video

Full-foot control bar

Full-foot motion control aligns forefoot and heel through the entire stride to reduce lower-body joint stress.

Forefoot ShockPad

Absorbs jarring forefoot shocks that could transfer to your knees, hips, and lower back.

Full-foot high-rebound foam

20% greater rebound than regular foam to withstand harder and longer impacts. Can reduce joint fatigue and pain so you can play/train longer and harder. Airflow channels maintain a temperature-balanced environment for happier and healthier feet.

Heel & mid-foot ShockDome™

Mid-foot ShockDome relaxes your foot and can help relieve plantar fasciitis.

Lightweight support cap

Cradles and supports the foot, resists lateral torque, and creates better balance on uneven surfaces.

Adaptive Arch technology

Adapts to any foot shape for perfect fit. Comfortably cradles foot for superior comfort. AIR/FX Antimicrobial Top-Cover.

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