Running Apparel & Accessories

Running is a true test of one’s mental fortitude. When one more pace turns into one more lap, and one more lap turns into one more mile, you are truly captain of your own ship and your own destiny. Nothing can stop you! That is until those pesky aches and pains catch up to you. The experts at Shock Doctor love to run just as much as you do, which is why we set out to create the gear that allows us and our customers to continue running and never skip a beat. Dealing with joint pains or IT-band syndrome? We’re familiar with the conditions common to runners, so we offer superior braces that will provide pain relief and support to affected joints. Runners absorb plenty of shock to their system with each stride. Our recovery compression gear helps reduce the load and facilitates blood flow to help those sore tissues heal quickly. When your mental strength outpaces your body, you need Shock Doctor.

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