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Kevin and Shock Doctor partner to grow mouthguard use in basketball

All-Star Power Forward Kevin Love knows the punishment his body goes through playing pro basketball. During a game, he constantly get's bumped, elbowed, pushed and shoved in the face and head. This physical level of play isn't just at the pro and college level either. According to data tracked by the High School RIO™ ,the head/face is the most common injured body site for High School basketball players.

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The game of basketball has changed. Athletes are faster, stronger and do amazing things on the court. All-Star Power Forward Kevin Love knows that staying on the floor and performing his best requires the best protection. The Shock Doctor Ultra Basketball Mouthguard is a key part of that protection.

  • > Protection from lip and gum lacerations
  • > High Impact Shock Absorption
  • > Ultra Low Profile Design for unrestricted Breathing and Speaking
  • > Ultimate Custom Gel-Fit that molds to teeth so it stays in place

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These organizations recommend the use of mouthguards in Basketball

American Dental Association, The Academy for Sports Dentistry, National Athletic Trainers Association, National Youth Safety Foundation, National Association of Secondary School Principals and many state organizations.

360 Degrees
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Shock Doctor's Ice Recovery Compression Wraps provide superior icing therapy for any body part. These wraps are designed with an anotomical fit, 360° ice coverage and gentle compression to help speed the body’s natural ability to heal.

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Make Hard Cuts
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Basketball players put their bodies through a tremendous amount of stress. Hard-court impacts send shock waves up to ankles, knees and the lower back. Side-to-side cuts, hard stops and quick starts stress and cause pain in the athlete’s feet. All this stress & pain impacts how they perform on the court.

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Sports Therapy

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