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Basketball players put their bodies through a tremendous amount of stress. Hard-court impacts send shock waves up to ankles, knees and the lower back. Side-to-side cuts, hard stops and quick starts stress and cause pain in the athlete’s feet. All this stress & pain impacts how they perform on the court.

  • Shock Doctor Court Insoles are specifically engineered for the needs of basketball players
  • They are designed to absorb shock and help reduce pain caused by hard-court impacts
  • The added comfort cradles and protects the foot during quick cuts, stops and starts during the game

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Protect your teeth
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The game of basketball has changed. Athletes are faster, stronger and do amazing things on the court. Professional and college stars know that staying on the floor and performing their best requires the best protection. Shock Doctor Mouthguards are a key part of that protection.

  • Protection from lip and gum lacerations
  • High Impact Shock Absorption
  • Comfort, easy breathing and speaking with low profile designs
  • Ultimate Custom Gel-Fit that molds to teeth so it stays in place

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