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Looking to hit harder and win more games? Your competitors have the same goals. You’re going to have to train like an animal to surpass them, but no worries: Shock Doctor has the goods that keep you going! Becoming the best means training harder and for longer periods. As athletes ourselves, we understand the training can be intense. That’s why we offer recovery compression gear. Knock it out of the ballpark by wearing compression gear that allows you to train harder by reducing fatigue and muscle soreness. Because we offer compression gear for virtually every part of your body, you can count on us to provide you with the right gear to take things to the next level.

Are aches and pains standing in the way of you sprinting to home base? No need to worry; with Shock Doctor knee supports, you will blaze your way to home plate with increased support and pain relief. To round out our baseball gear, we’ve included mouthguards because you can hit a lot more home runs on the baseball field than you can in the dentist’s chair.

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