Wrist Wraps, Straps & Guards

Much like our shoulders, our wrists were designed for flexibility. They are made up of several smaller bones that promote movement. Sometimes, our training forces too much movement on your wrists, causing sprains, strains or even fractures. When in doubt, always consult with your doctor after any major injury. For milder injuries, wearing a wrist support can help stabilize your wrist, allowing the tissues to heal more quickly.

Expect only the highest-quality material from Shock Doctor. We offer varying levels of support for a customized experience that suits your individual needs. Take advantage of the soft-tissue support that our wrist wraps provide. If you don’t use it, then you lose it — which is why our wraps facilitate active recovery so that you can get back into training as quickly and safely as possible. When superior quality combines with ingenious design and maximum comfort, you get a product like our Shock Doctor wrist wraps.

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