Groin & Thigh - Protectors & Supporters

Whether you’re battling it out on the court or the gridiron or you just finished an intense leg day at the gym, your thighs take a beating during most physical endeavors. Be prepared for battle with Shock Doctor’s groin and thigh protectors and supporters. For starters, protecting your groin is just about as important as protecting your teeth, which is why we offer top-rated products for both. Our athletic cups are designed with your comfort in mind; flexible material allows them to adjust to your body. They make a great combination with our compression shorts that are engineered to hold your cup in place perfectly. If you participate in contact sports, you cannot afford to overlook the protection that our ShockSkin shorts provide. Constructed with several layers, our shorts insulate you from the effects of intense plays. Participating and competing in sports requires hard work and dedication, but it shouldn’t require you to endure pain all the time. Our protective gear will help you lessen those pains and get back to having fun again.

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