Face & Neck Protection

Did you know that about five million teeth are avulsed during participation in sports each year? Those same tooth injuries represent about $500 million in spending on repairs. It is a startling truth about the safety of your teeth, for sure. Fortunately, there’s something you can do to prevent it, and it’s a very simple solution: Wear a mouthguard.

Shock Doctor produces the No. 1 mouthguard in the world. Many professional athletes choose Shock Doctor for our ingenuity, superior design, safety — and our style never hurts either! Worried about your breathing while wearing a mouthguard? Don’t sweat it. We take airflow into account in every mouthguard we design; breathability and safety are our main priorities. We are so confident in our mouthguards that each one carries at least a $10,000 dental warranty. Trust none other than Shock Doctor to protect your mouth.

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