Ankle Braces, Supports & Sleeves

We depend on our ankles in sports and training quite a bit, yet they are very fragile joints. Studies show that among nine different high school sports, ankle injuries accounted for a whopping 22 percent of all injuries suffered each year. If you train hard and want to push yourself to the next level, you have to keep your joints healthy.

We’ve put together some of Shock Doctor’s best products right here. For the occasional mild ankle pain, be sure to check out our Level 1 compression ankle sleeves, developed with a focus on soft tissue support and healing. For increased stability and support, our Level 2 ankle wraps should do the trick. When you are looking for maximum support and stability for very sore or rehabilitating ankles, our Level 3 wraps provide the greatest protection. For unmatched support at fair and competitive prices, you can count on Shock Doctor.

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