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Showtime Shattered Back Plate



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Show off. Show out. Showtime. The new Shock Doctor Showtime Shattered Back Plate combines legendary performance and protection with an exclusive design. Shatter and break away from the competition. Complete your kit with Shock Doctor Showtime Chin Straps and Tethers.

  • Maximum protection & comfort for peak performance.
  • Contoured foam interior - absorbs/disperses impact.
  • Ventilated air channels - aggressively releases heat to keep you cool and comfortable on field.
  • Hardware included - easily attaches to most shoulder pads.
  • 100% PE + 100% EVA foam
  • Comes in Adult and Youth Sizing.

WARNING: Football is a dangerous sport which may result in serious injuries.  Although our equipment is designed to help reduce the risk of such injuries, there is no guarantee that any injury will be prevented by the use of this equipment. If damaged, the product should be replaced.