ShockSkin™ Impact Products & Gear

As a dedicated athlete, you put your body on the line and give it your all for the benefit of the team. While we all admire the passion and dedication, we understand that you are only human. There will be times when you are too sore and beat down to give it your 100 percent. That’s why Shock Doctor created our revolutionary ShockSkin gear.

Now you can get out there and hit it hard every day, be aggressive and play with confidence. We designed ShockSkin to offer you another protective layer from all the rigors of intense sports while maintaining flexibility and comfort. Our breathable material amplifies airflow throughout padded areas so you’ll stay cool while enjoying a full range of motion. Next time you are willing to push just a little bit further than the next guy, make sure to have ShockSkin gear on. Your body will thank you for it!

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