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Velocity ShockSkin Wrist Band Guards

We excel in our sport - technology

  1. Airflow

Four-way stretch mesh zones and vented foam maximize breathability in multiple areas to accelerate heat dispersion and air/moisture transfer.

  1. Motion360

Ergonomic design utilizes combinations of four-way stretch fabrics for unrestricted wrist range of motion and targeted compression fit.

  1. Low profile adaptive protection

Designed to flex and form naturally to wrist and forearm, with high impact dual density foam at center area.

ultra batter's
flex cap
elbow guard

anatomical low profile design

Features fully hinged elbow-arm extended coverage which comfortably wraps arm.

Quick-fit straps

With convenient integrated strap-loops and large self-stick overlap closure.

Adaptive hard cap protection

Designed to flex and form naturally to eblow/arm shape, with extended outer elbow cap-wing and integrated bicep coverage.

Ultra Batter's Flex Cap Elbow Guard