Classic Fit Mouthguards

Our classic fit mouthguards offer a more traditional, all-around performance option. The classic fit models range from our custom mouthguards to our Gel Max Power models, as well as our Double Nano models. They include a low-profile design with maximum comfort and protection.

We have various styles of classic fit mouthguards to suit your needs. Looking for upper and lower jaw support? Check out our Double Nano models. Are you into combat sports? Try the Ultra 2, which has three layers of protection. If you’re looking for a solid option for general activities, our Gel Max Power models are suitable for most sports.

Shock Doctor makes fitting your mouthguard a breeze. We offer youth and adult sizing, but make sure to boil the classic fit models for a perfect fit. You play hard and leave it all out on the field — but don’t leave your teeth out there, too! Shock Doctor classic fit mouthguards outperform the rest. Try them and see for yourself.

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