Supporter Shorts & Sports Cup Protection

As athletes ourselves, we understand that a low blow can be a game-changer. No matter what your sport is, the risk is always there. We have seen athletes crumble after a low blow. Don’t let one bad move dictate the rest of your bout. From football players to mixed martial artists to basketball players, our protective cups should be worn by all athletes. Don’t think you need to wear an athletic cup? As they say, it’s better to have one on and not need it than to need one and not have it. Make the right choice and wear a cup.

We understand comfort is of ultimate importance here, so we thought of everything. Our cups are lightweight and constructed from flexible material to provide maximum protection without limiting motion. Take advantage of our compression shorts and cup combos for unmatched protection and plenty of security. Our shorts hold the cup in a neutral position for a natural feel, so you will forget you’re even wearing it — right up until you need it!

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