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Ultra Batter’s
Flex-Cap Shin Guard $49.99

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Ultra Batter’s Hand / Wrist Guard

Protective, Flexible & Lightweight

Be aggressive, while staying protected at the plate. The Ultra Batter’s Hand/Wrist Guard goes above and beyond anything on the market today.

  1. Anatomical Low Profile Fit

The natural fit provides hand and wrist protection without bulky excess.

  1. Motion360

Full-flex design combines critical flex points and specific materials for a natural grip and unrestricted swing.

  1. Natural Hand Grip

A natural grip is ensured with an open-palm design, utilizing a comfortable elastic finger-loop and adjsutable wrist strap.

  1. ShockSkin™ Hybrid Technology

Integrated Shockskin performance and elasticity at primary flexpoints and protection from Shockskin Contour thermal molded foam at critical impact zones.

Ultra Batter’s Flex Cap Elbow Guard

Anatomical Low Profile Design

Features asymmetrical fully hinged elbow-arm extended coverage which comfortably wraps the arm.

Motion 360

Full-flex design provides an unrestricted natural swing to maximize batter performance.

Quick Fit Straps

Convenient integrated strap-loops and a large self-stick overlap closure for effortless on and off use.

Adaptive Hard Cap Protection

Designed to flex and form naturally to elbow/arm shape, with extended outer elbow cap-wing and integrated bicep coverage.

Ultra Batter’s Flex Cap Elbow Guard