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Shock Doctor X Kickasso = Game Changer

Shock Doctor X Kickasso = Game Changer

Kickasso Hero

– “I’ve never wanted to be like anyone else”

When the pros want to make a creative, bold and personal statement on the field, they don’t talk to their equipment manager – they call Kickasso. A world-renowned artist known for designing some of the most unique and coveted cleat designs (Kicks + Picasso… get it!) at the highest level of pro football, Kickasso has a simple mantra: Take cool products, and make them cooler. He turns football cleats into personalized works of art by collaborating with top athletes and finding the most fun, inspiring and sometimes intimidating way to tell their story on their size 14’s.

And now he’s going for the mouth!

Kickasso recently brought his creativity, skill and artwork to Shock Doctor, the #1 mouthguard brand in the world, to change the lip guard game forever. Together, we’re launching a series of exclusive lip guard designs that you won’t find anywhere else. We’re turning the lip guard into more than just an industry-leading protective piece – we’re making it a statement piece. A small but mighty canvas for elite athletes to express their personality when they’re all up in their opponents’ grill. ;

Watch the video below as we dig deep into Kickasso’s methods, and find out why this collaboration with Shock Doctor will send shock waves through youth, collegiate and pro football leagues.


Eli Miller, Senior Marketing Communications Manager,