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Basketball Mouthguard Awareness

Mouthguarding America

Our partnerships with the NBA, WNBA, NBA D-League and USA Basketball greatly amplify the call for mouthguard use on every basketball court. These official designations enable Shock Doctor to amp up mouthguard education and awareness to reach every passionate player at every possible level.

From wads of gum to world-leading technologies

Boxers in the late 1800s would bite on cotton, tape, sponge and even small pieces of wood during bouts. Sometime in the early 20th century natural rubber resin was introduced and these devices were commonly called “gum shields.” In 1992, mouthguard science took one giant leap for mankind with the first fully engineered Shock Doctor mouthguard. Innovations continued to come with Gel Max, braces-specific, Gel Nano, Custom and a mouthful more.

3 out of 10 kids are getting

busted in the chops*

Nearly one thirdof all high

school basketball injuries are to the

face and/or head*

Know what the pros know - our big 3 of mouthguard stardom

Take a good look at your next pro game— over half of all professionals wear a mouthguard—they know. At printing, our growing NBA roster of endorsed players features Harrison Barnes, DeMarcus Cousins and Kevin Love.

The in-your-face facts - this is no good

More and more high school basketball players are experiencing painful and expensive injuries that may be prevented by a simple, smart bit of Shock Doctor high-tech protection. Mouthguards matter and mouthguards make a difference. Shock Doctor delivers face-saving protection and confidence- jacking performance. That is good.

Basketball mouths deserve basketball mouthguards

The inherent nature of the sport demands a mouthguard that stays comfortably in place and allows for maximum air ow/communication. And clearly, it must reduce injury from flying hands, elbows, tipped balls and other assorted personal assaults on one’s face. We do all of that and more.

Basketball Mouthguard

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The NBA identifications are the intellectual property of NBA Properties, Inc.” © 2016 USA Basketball. All Rights Reserved *High School ROITM; National High School Sports-Related Injury Surveillance Study, 2013/14; R. Dawn Comstock, PhD