Confidence begins in your head. Nothing matters if your mind is not fully, fearlessly focused. Shock Doctor basketball mouthguards keep you breathing, speaking and balling big, while being protected by the best - the #1 mouthguard in the world.

The Official Mouthguard of the NBA is the official mouthguard of confidence, focus and fearless. Take this advantage for your game, and start reaping the benefits the moment you put it on.

32 percent of all high

school basketball injuries are to the

face and/or head*

You are 2 times less likely to sustain

a dental injury when wearing

a mouthguard**

Shock Doctor Basketball Mouthguards

SuperFit Basketball MG

SuperFit Basketball Mouthguard

  • • Easy breathing, speaking and fitting
  • • All-game comfort and all-in Shock Doctor basketball technology
  • • Developed to handle the hard court, hard elbows and hard shots of basketball

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Women's SuperFit Basketball MG

Women's SuperFit Basketball Mouthguard

  • • Everything SuperFit in a women’s specific low-profile design.

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SuperFit Basketball Flavor Fusion MG

SuperFit Flavor Fusion Basketball Mouthguard

  • • The same SuperFit advantages with a surge of unique taste.

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Braces MG

Braces Mouthguard

  • • Essential protection for players with braces, designed to conform to upper brace brackets.

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Why the Pros Wear A Mouthguard - And Why You Should, Too.

Kevin Love

6'10" / 251 lbs. / September 7, 1988

“I have always been in love with wearing a mouthguard when I am on the court. The game has become much more aggressive and a lot of basketball injuries happen above the neck. I believe in safety first and the Shock Doctor mouthguard gives me confidence to be able to go out there and know I’m protected without sacrificing anything in terms of comfort.”

Demarcus Cousins

6'10" / 251 lbs. / September 7, 1988

"Shock Doctor gives me the edge I need to stay fearless on the court”


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*High School RIO; National High School Sports-Related Injury Surveillance Study, 2013/14; R. Dawn Comstock, PhD
**Information provided by the Nathional Athletic Trainers' Association

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