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How to Choose a Basketball Mouthguard

How to Choose a Basketball Mouthguard
By Shock doctor 9 months ago

Basketball players are at continued risk for teeth, mouth and jaw injuries resulting from on court play. However, youth basketball programs do not mandate use of a mouthguard, leaving players at risk for on-court injury. An estimated 39% of dental injuries in the U.S. are sport related, and athletes who don’t wear a mouthguard are about 2 times as likely to sustain an oral or dental injury. When looking for a basketball mouthguard, consider the following in your search.

Slim Fit Comfort

While football players can remove their mouthguard between plays, basketball players will keep their mouthguard in for longer periods of time. As such, it’s critical that your mouthguard be comfortable and easy to take in and out. The Shock Doctor MicroFit Mouthguard is our lowest profile mouthguard, providing a thin, tight, breathable fit. Perfect for use in a basketball environment, this mouthguard utilizes a composite HMW material blend to maintain fit and performance all season.

On-Court Breathability

Communication is critical in the fast-paced environment of modern basketball. Venting in your mouthguard helps to improve breathability and speakability without removing the mouthguard. Shock Doctor InVent technology available in our SuperFit Basketball Mouthguard allows for breathable venting to be integrated, while still including a comfortable gel fit liner for a perfect fit.

Dental Warranty & Protection

Above all else, mouthguards must be protective. With protection comes confidence, and with confidence comes performance. To be confident in your purchase decision, make sure your mouthguard includes a dental warranty to minimize your risk of expensive dental work. Dental and oral injuries can cost as much as $15,000, don’t be caught paying for that on your own!

Custom Basketball Mouthguards

The highest level of protection available comes from a custom mouthguard, molded precisely to the user’s teeth by a dental professional. First, a mold kit is utilized by the user to create a custom impression of their teeth, which is then sent to the dental lab. This impression is then used to create a completely customized mouthguard, and sent to the user. These mouthguards come in a variety of designs, colors and prints as well, allowing the player to have a custom look as well as a custom fit.

How to Choose a Basketball Mouthguard

Finding the best basketball mouthguard for your needs can be tough, but Shock Doctor is here to help. As the #1 Mouthguard in the World, our variety of options give you plenty of choices to find the perfect fit. Check out our selection of basketball mouthguards or read our Mouthguard Buying Guide for even more information. If you’re still having trouble, please Contact Us and we’ll make sure you get the right product.
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