Most Unexpected Trades in American Professional Sports History

unexpected trades american professional sports

In the world of modern professional sports, a confluence of forces—including player injuries, financial limitations, and team strategy—can compel teams to enter the trade market.

As trade deadlines approach, teams constantly re-evaluate one decision: make a push for the playoffs by acquiring already-developed talent, or ship away current players to rebuild for the future. Continue reading “Most Unexpected Trades in American Professional Sports History”

Most Notable Rivalries in Professional Basketball

Most Notable Rivalries in Professional Basketball

Professional basketball is home to some of the most intense rivalries around. With rivalries, a game is so much more than a game, and there is more at stake than just another win or loss. And while championships are exciting because a title is the end result, a rivalry is exciting because it is personal. Fans don’t just root for their team, they’re rooting against the opposing team and the city the team represents. The implications stretch beyond the court and the players. Rivalries are rooted deeper than athletic competition—they’re lines drawn in the sand motivated as much by the competition as they are by honor. The following is a list of the top basketball rivalries of today. These rivalries may not span decades, but their lack of history hasn’t kept them from establishing a fiercely competitive relationship. Every rivalry is different, but they’re all united by one common theme: truly exciting basketball. Continue reading “Most Notable Rivalries in Professional Basketball”